Learning Digital Painting

My parents bought me a Wacom tablet about 4 years ago for Christmas. Until recently I’d never really used it. Blame it on my being lazy, or busy, or disinterested, but my design work had been confined to the things I did at my job… and we all know, unless you have an amazing job, that’s not always where you can creatively spread your wings. Getting bored and having that familiar itch of needing to create something, I decided it was time to bust out the tablet, watch countless YouTube tutorials and learn some new skills.

Digital Painting is what I wanted to learn. I love to paint, and this just seemed like the next logical step in my arsenal of painting techniques. Here’s how I went about learning and practicing, and my images and inspiration along the way.

digital painting digital paintingdigital paintingdigital paintingdigital painting

First, I start by finding images I like. A style, color palette, brush strokes, etc that I aspire to create. Here’s a list of artists and links to their work that I think do an amazing job and I one day hope to perfect my skills to be as good as they are:

Second, I watch the shit out of tutorials. I stalk people’s posts, blogs, interviews and search for a glimpse into their techniques. This is time consuming and obsessive, I realize… so here is a list of some of the links I’ve found helpful.

Third, I try things out. This stage is usually a horrible flop… I know enough information to eagerly start, but I lack the skills to make anything worthwhile.

Fourth, I know where I stand, what things look off and what more I need to learn. This is when I go back to the second stage and do it again, but this time my search is more specific to what I think are my problem areas.

Five, practice practice practice!


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